Intelligent, educated, loyal, hard-working employees in emerging economies…doing the same jobs better and for far less money.

We’re not just Virtual Assistants.
We have people for all jobs, in all industries.

If it can be done with a computer or a phone, we have people ready to do the work.

We’re doing for small businesses what Fortune 500 companies have been doing for a decade.

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  • Minimum Wage
  • No sick days, no holidays, and no vacation days
  • No Benefits; No Payroll Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, or Withholding
  • No office space, no computer, no desk, no cell phone bill
  • Pay by the minute

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Top 0.5%
  • Different by nature
  • No mistakes
  • Reliable knowledge
  • Continuous learning
  • Computer/Office Setup
  • Office in the Philippines

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  • We work when you work, on your time zone
  • Instant & easy communication
  • Easy onboarding / Fully trained
  • No management headaches
  • We handle the HR
  • No long-term contracts or commitments
  • We help you get started

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  • FBI grade Background Checks, including fingerprints and social media and digital footprint, reference checks
  • Intense Security Audit
  • Total Surveillance
  • Security Protocols and Systems
  • Work for you, and only you

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  • A team, not just an employee
  • Immediate backup/coverage
  • Stable job history (2-5 years per job)
  • We create your SOPs, Procedures Manuals, Training Materials
  • Save time

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  • General
  • Security
  • Concerns
  • Caliber
  • Cost
  • How does it work?
  • Getting Started

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& Services

We’re not just Virtual Assistants.

We have people for all jobs, in all industries. If it can be done with a computer or a phone, we have RPs ready to do the work. If you or your onsite employees use a computer or a phone to do the job, then our RPs can do the job remotely. With RPs, there is no reason for them to drive to your office, to do the work.


Only $13 per hour

Almost all of our RPs are only $13 per hour. That’s less than the Minimum Wage in many places in America, including places like New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Arizona, etc. That’s less than the guy at McDonald’s flipping burgers or packing your grocery bags (and yet our people are professionals).

You don’t pay for sick days, holidays, personal days, vacation days or family leave. You don’t pay for any benefits like medical insurance or retirement plans. You don’t pay any payroll taxes like Social Security, Medicare, or Unemployment. You don’t pay for overhead like office space, a computer, desk or cell phone. You don’t pay for recruiting.

You don’t pay HR, management and supervision costs. And, you pay by the minute. You don’t pay for idle chitchat at the watercooler. You only pay when your RP is actively working for you.


Tell us what you need

We know that you have unique needs. Let us know your specific requirements or the kind of person you have in mind, and we’ll provide the RP for you and your business who will lead to success!

Meet & approve your RP

Before you sign up, we schedule a call so you can speak with our recommended professional, to verify you’re a perfect match. No risk. You don’t pay anything until you’re confident and ready.

Launch & Track

We’ll help you monitor your RP to make sure they’re doing everything you want them to do, the way you want it done, when you want it done, using an interface or control panel customized just for you.

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RemoteProfessionals.com is part of a group of companies owned by the Cornell Family, servicing all aspects of the Human Resources industry, for decades, with a strong sense of values. We are committed to providing excellent and efficient RPs to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small- and medium-sized companies. We are structured to support businesses in full capacity. From our talent pool to our technology, we provide employers more time to focus on the important aspects of their business. We take care of your company and your business while you pursue your vision.