Minimum Wage ($13 per hour)

Almost all of our RPs are only $13 per hour.  That’s less than the Minimum Wage in many places in America, including places like New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Arizona, etc.  Most places, that’s less than the guy at McDonald’s flipping burgers or packing your grocery bags.

No Benefits

You don’t have to pay for any kind of benefits.  No medical insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, vision, life insurance; no pension plan, no retirement plan, no 401K plan.  (We actually do provide some of these benefits to the employees. But, there is no cost to you.)

No Payroll Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, or Withholding

There are no Payroll Taxes, no Social Security Taxes, no Medicare Taxes, no Unemployment Taxes.  No Withholdings at all.  You pay us like any other contractor or vendor (like a 1099), and the cost is fully deductible like any other business expense.  Think of hiring an RP like a “temp” employee from an international temp agency (except the RP is available long term or permanently, if you want).

No office space, no computer, no desk, no cell phone bill

You don’t have any of the costs associated with providing a place for your employee to work.  No office space, no desk, no cell phone, no telephone, no computer.  We take care of all of that, and you’re still paying less than the minimum wage in most places.

Pay by the minute

You only pay when your RP is actively working on your tasks.  You actually pay by the minute.  If your RP steps away for a cup of coffee or a visit to the bathroom, you are not paying.  Our special timekeeping software keeps track of when your employee is working, down to the minute.  We monitor keystrokes and mouse movements.  We can even tell if they’re talking on a business phone call.  And, it is all tracked automatically.  (Imagine if paying all your employees could that efficient. Think of the cost savings around idle chit-chat at the water cooler.)  On top of all the other cost savings, this alone saves you about 20% (compared to the time on-site employees spend being unproductive while you’re still paying them).


We work when you work, on your time zone

Your RP works when you work, on your time zone.  With many “virtual assistants” you have to email a task and wait until the next morning for it to be done.  Our RPs are always ready and always available, and they’re working on your projects in real time.

Instant and easy communication

Your RP is always ready and always available to you.  Believe it or not, it is typically easier and quicker to communicate with your RP than it is with an on-site employee.  For instance, in the time it takes an onsite employee to walk into your office or for you to buzz them on the intercom, you could be talking with your RP about a task or a project.  It’s quick and easy to delegate tasks, or get instant updates.  You can communicate with your RP anyway you want.  If you’re in the car or traveling, use your cell phone to call their phone number (the way you would call the office).  Forward them an email, with instructions.  Send them a quick text message.  Send an IM or instant message (using any of the popular apps you already use).  Start a Skype or FaceTime call with one click or tap (on your computer or your cell phone, with or without video).

Easy onboarding / Fully trained

All RPs are fully trained and familiar with your industry.  We coordinate with your existing employees (or yourself) for the transitioning and onboarding of the RP.  We know that every person and every company has its own ways of doing things, customs/practices and procedures, and we have designed simple ways to get your RP up to speed quickly on your norms.

No drama or management headaches

We handle the management headaches.  While you’ll have a pleasant and friendly relationship with your RP, there is never any drama or management headaches, because we handle all that for you.  RPs leave their personal lives at home, and don’t allow troubles to interfere with their work.  The management headaches that could otherwise sidetrack you or your company’s growth and goals are all handled by us.  When you sign on, you’ll be assigned a Team Leader, a Coach, and of course the RP who will do the day to day tasks.  Our multi-level team all working on your account ensures things will be smooth and easy.  We even manage time tracking with daily reports sent to you.

We handle the HR

We take care of anything related to HR, for you.  Period.  (Yay!)

No long-term contracts or commitments

Use your RP only for as long as you need.  If your needs change, just let us know.  We’re getting so many calls from clients wanting to hire, we can easily and quickly reassign your RP.  This also means it’s easy for you to “give it a try” without having to make a long term or a big financial commitment.  We even have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you aren’t 100% fully satisfied for ANY reason within your first month, we’ll give you a full refund.  Period.

We help you get started

Like many things in life, getting started is the hardest part.  We help you get started working with an RP.  Many times, this means we’re helping entrepreneurs and small businesses hire their first employee.  That alone is a challenge, regardless of whether the employee works remotely or on-site.  We teach you how to delegate, how to let go, how to still feel like you’re in control but not have to actually do the work yourself anymore.

Save time

Finding and hiring the right worker for your business takes a lot of valuable time and effort, so why not leave all the work to us?  We know you’re busy, so instead of being overwhelmed with recruiting, we want you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.  Just tell us what type of worker you’re looking for and we’ll take it from there.


A team, not just an employee

When you hire an RP, you’re actually getting a team, not just an employee.  All RPs are continuously supervised and coached and trained.  RPs are managed by our remote Supervisors and Managers.  (We use RPs to run and manage our own company too. Pretty cool, right?!)  Every client has a designated team consisting of a Senior RP, Project Manager, Team Leader, the actual RP doing most of the work, a Backup RP and IT Support people.  This ensures continuity in your workflow, in a way that a single on-site employee never could.

Immediate backup/coverage

We can provide immediate back up and coverage if your RP becomes sick or can’t perform.  Or if something unexpected comes up.  You have no interruption in workflow.  The Senior RP assigned to your account is constantly communicating with your RP so we know what they’re working on, and how they’re doing it; so we can step in, if needed.  Usually your downtime is only a few hours (versus two weeks to find, hire and train somebody).  Backup coverage could be just for a day or two, a scheduled absence, or we can immediately replace someone if something isn’t going quite right and you’re not bonding.

Stable job history (2-5 years)

All too many remote employees (and especially “virtual assistants”) last only a few days or a few months.  Most have a crazy job histories, jumping from one job to the next, every 3-6 months.  We recruit for employees with stable job histories.  Our RPs spend an average of 2 to 5 years with their previous employers.  Our RPs are dedicated, loyal employees, looking for long-term opportunities.  They’ll stick around, after you invest in bringing them onboard.  Our first and longest serving employee started with the company back in 2013.

SOPs, Procedures Manuals, Training Materials

We know that getting the job done perfectly, every time is a must.  We also know that few companies are organized enough to have documented procedures and policies to ensure perfection.  Not only will your RP complete the tasks you need done, your RP will document all of your procedures and practices, creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and they’ll assemble them into a company Procedures Manual (PM), along the way.  These tools become excellent Training Materials for future employees.  You’ll feel comfortable and confident your work is being done exactly the right way, every time.  Having SOPs and a PM eliminates mistakes and ensures quality for your clients.  We treat the work for your smallest client the same way we do for your most valuable client.  With your RP documenting all of your current processes, and then improving them (to make them more efficient and more reliable), you’ll be positioned for sustained and rapid growth OR freedom.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren’t 100% fully satisfied for ANY reason within your first month, we’ll give you a full refund.  Period.  We couldn’t make it simpler or more straight forward.  Give us a try!


Top 0.5%

We only hire the best of the best.  Only 1 out of every 200 applicants we consider ever makes it to working for one of our clients.  Think of how Harvard or Yale gets tens of thousands of applications, and they only admit a tiny percentage.  Only the best of the best.  It’s the same thing with our RPs.  Only a fraction of the resumes we review get past our initial screening.  And, only a tiny percentage of the people who apply for one of our jobs is offered a coveted position.  That means you’re getting the Cream of the Crop.  All of our RPs are college educated, mature, responsible, energetic, eager, capable and competent.


Different by Nature

RPs are different by their very nature and personalities


No Mistakes

First, RPs take to heart a mantra of “No Mistakes”.  They are by their nature perfectionists .  Their personalities don’t allow them to accept mistakes.  They treat their work like brain surgeons, where mistakes can be tragic and therefore unacceptable.  They understand the importance of getting it right, the first time, every time.  At the same time, they are mere mortal humans.  There will come a time when they do make a mistake.  When they do, they will notify you immediately.  They won’t try to cover it up.  They will let you know what happened, how it happened, and give you a recommendation on how it can be fixed and how to enhance the appropriate SOP so it can’t happen again.

Reliable knowledge

Second, our RPs have memorized this maxim: “I know what I know, I know what I don’t know, and I know the difference.  When I know, I’ll tell you; when I don’t know, I’ll go find out and then tell you.”  It’s nice to know you can rely on the information from your RP.  You’ll hear them say things like “triple verified”.  Sometimes simply confirming something with one source doesn’t make success a destiny.


Continuous learning

We believe in a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement.  While our RPs are the best performers in their industry, they remember how the got there, and they are still striving to improve.  Our RPs have a thirst for learning, and improving their knowledge.  We recruit for people who have demonstrated a history of constantly improving themselves over their lifetime, always trying to be better, whether it’s in their personal lives or the professional lives.  We offer tuition remission programs toward advancing their education.  We only hire employees who strive for continuous learning.  And we strive to collaborate with employers who believe in this culture as well.  As a matter of fact, one of the aspects of working with a RP is that they set aside one hour a week for continuous learning, whether it’s a new program, a motivational book, learning a new aspect of your industry, practicing scripts and dialog, technical training, watching training videos, or learning a new skill.  RPs are paid for this time (1 hour each week, out of about 40 hours a week).  Employers cover this, as part of the regular paycheck.  All of our clients willingly and voluntarily pay for this continuous learning and improvement.  They love that their employees are so invested in themselves and in their professional job opportunity.  They understand the value of their employee getting better and better at what they do.  The cost is not really a cost at all.  It’s an investment.  All of our employers have embraced this aspect of the working relationship.


Computer/Office Setup

All RPs are fully equipped with current technology to perform their tasks.  They a newer or current computer with Windows 10, anti-virus protection, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc).  They have set up a quiet, professional work environment, typically a dedicated home office.  They use a commercial grade cell center headset (with active noise cancellation and a boom mic) — so they sound like they’re across the room and not across the ocean.  All of this is verified and periodically re-verified with extensive Home Office Evaluations performed by people in our office in the Philippines (or relevant country).  They create a professional working environment, with no crying children or barking dogs or crowing roosters — all of which you can get if you try to hire someone off the Internet, on your own.


Office in the Philippines

One of the reasons we have such strong relationships with our employees in the Philippines is because we have an office in the Philippines.  Our COO has been living in the Philippines for years.  He was born and raised in America, and served in the US Military, before meeting his sweetheart in and moving to the Philippines to raise their child.  He meets with each of our RPs, and has a personal relationship with them.  This is why working with your RP is so easy and smooth for you.  He is the bridge between American culture and Filipino culture.  He coaches and nurtures each of our RPs, and helps them understand and acclimate to the nuances between the cultures, so your RPs are like honorary Americans, current with all of our culture.  Remember, the Philippines is already a highly Westernized culture.  They watch American TV and movies, and follow American sports.  You might even find that your RP loves the same movie stars or sports teams as you.  Then again, your RP might be rooting for your team’s rival.  (We can’t make it a perfect world!)


Background Checks

All of our RPs are pre-screened and qualified.  We put them through the ringer so you don’t have to.  We test them, check their references, talk to previous employers, and do an FBI-grade background check.  We even run their fingerprints.

Outsourced work is serious business.  Many of our clients built their companies with their own two hands.  Leaving the operations to a stranger can be a scary and frightening thing.  Other clients deal in very sensitive confidential information (like medical and financial records).  So, before bringing a new employee onboard, we make sure we know who you’re hiring, and that they are who they say they are.  They’re not some anonymous person thousands of miles away who you know nothing about.  As part of our screening process, we do a comprehensive and thorough FBI-grade background check.  And we verify the information they give us.  We’ll place calls and follow the paper trail.  We’ll verify their education, and call character references and former employers.  We’ll find out about their accomplishments and work ethic.  We’ll run their finger prints and identity to get a report from the appropriate governmental authority analogous to the FBI (like the National Bureau of Investigation, in the Philippines).  If they have any kind of criminal past (or so much as outstanding parking tickets), they’re summarily rejected.  We’ll check their credit history, to make sure they’re responsible and pay their bills on time.  We’ll review their social media and digital footprint.

Besides, because we get so many applications, based on our reputation in the Philippines and positive reviews from existing employees, many of our applicants have ties with existing RPs who have been working with us for a long time (like a cousin or friend of a friend), and we ask them to vouch for the applicants.  We like to think of ourselves as one big happy family (except with no skeletons in the closet).


Intense Security Audit

We take security very seriously!  We hired a leading cyber security firm in the United States, to ensure that all of our security policies and practices are hackproof and foolproof, including annual security audits.  This means clients information remains under vigilant security protocols.  Your business information is under cyber lock and key.  Even for larger companies, we typically hear that our security protocols are superior to those in place by their own IT departments.  We can implement protocols for your RP that are compliant with HIPPA (health care), Sarbanes-Oxley Act or Dodd-Frank (banking and financial services).


Complete Surveillance

One of the keys to any security program is surveillance.  Your RP works under complete surveillance, 100% of the time, with an audit trail going back to the day they started working.  Records are never deleted.  You’ll be able to see what your RP was working on, for how long, and when.  You can monitor their computer screen, either live or at the end of the day, week, month, or any other time.  We save screen shots of their computer screen (at random intervals).  You’ll be able to play a highspeed video, and watch an 8 or 10 hour shift of their work, in 2 or 3 minutes (and, of course, pause at any time, for a closer look).  We measure their activity in keystrokes and mouse movements, so you can be confident they’re working diligently.  Upon request, we can even activate their computer’s webcam, to ensure the security of their work environment and surroundings.  You can receive daily reports by email summarizing all of this tracking information.

Our system even monitors which websites and programs they’re using, so you know they’re not just watching YouTube videos or surfing Facebook all day.  RPs will spend 100% of the time they spend working for you actually working for you.  Can you say the same of your other local employees who happen to be physically located in the office but who are shopping online?


Work for you, and only you

RPs work for you, and only you.  RPs don’t work for any other clients.  They work exclusively for you.  They don’t share your Confidential information with competitors or other employees.  They’re not working for multiple clients at the same time, jumping back and forth.  They are focused on your work, and only your work.  You are their only priority.